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Zen Motor

Low Resonance & Detent Torque

Zen Motor

Our Smoothest Motor Yet

  • Virtually Zero Detent Torque
  • Low Resonance
  • Extremely Smooth
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Customizable
  • 0.9 Degree Step Angle
  • NEMA 17 Frame Size
  • Up to 17 oz-in of Holding Torque

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Resonance is a Pain

Motor vibration can cause serious problems when smooth and precise motion is critical. This is especially the case in the semiconductor industry where assemblies are getting exponentially smaller or medial applications where precision and accuracy could literally be a life or death matter. Fortunately we're experts at reducing resonance.

Zen Technology

For the past few months, our engineers have been working on a new secret weapon: a technology that significantly reduces motor vibration without the use of external dampers. As a resulted, they’ve created a motor that is so smooth and accurate, that it has the potential to change the motion industry.

Standard Motor

Standard Motor Vibration

Zen Motor

Zen Vibration

With use of our Zen Technology, we're able to reduce resonance by up to 50% over a standard motor.

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