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Hercules Motor
Hercules Stepper Motors

Extreme torque in a small package

Hercules Series motors output up to 40% more torque than standards motor of same size. This means more power, more efficiency, and more speed. Available in NEMA 23 and 34 size.
  • Our NEMA 23 sized motor produces up to 600 oz-in of holding torque.

How much more can you get out of your machine with this much torque?

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How Did We Do It?

Inherently, every stepper has flux leakage which equates to torque loss. By inserting magnetic pins within the rotor, we were able to mitigate flux leakage, resulting in improved torque by up to 40%.


Standard Stepper Motors

All standard stepper motors experience some non-torque producing flux, or flux leakage

Hercules Motor

Magnet pins are located between rotor teeth. Full circumferential coverage over rotor increases focusing flux and overall torque performance

Available Customizations

Custom Winding

Custom Winding

Custom windings can insure maximum torque at a desired speed. This service is offered free of charge.

Customized Leads

Customized Leads

Custom connections can range from EMI or IP protection, to custom color coding.

Vacuum Rating

Various Shaft Options

With in-house machining capabilities, we're able to provide a variety of shaft options at a cost effective price with minimal lead times.

Why Lin Engineering?

custom winding

We design and manufacture the smoothest, most accurate, and most innovative stepper motors available anywhere.

During the last 25 years, we’ve reinvented and perfected the stepper motor technology in order to solve problems that had no clear solutions. Today, with our large assortment of standard and custom stepper motors, we’re able to provide solutions to even the most unique pains in motion control.


Our R&D and manufacturing facility is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve tapped into the innovative spirit of the Silicon Valley by utilizing the best technology, and the smartest people, in order to provide the best motion control experience.

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